In their own words, a number of clients give their account of what happened when they called on our services to support them in developing their consumer-oriented practices and to provide training to their teams.  

« With Insightquest, we have set up an approach to support French and American marketing teams, involving all levels of seniority within the teams. This plan aims to improve the mastery of the formulation of insights and value propositions to develop robust marketing concepts. Our goal is to enable teams to better articulate the creative ideas of our brands through a systematic framework.
As part of this deployment, our three categories are covered: both skin care and make-up but also fragrance with a model specific to this category. This allows our multicultural organization to develop a common language and shared reflexes. We appreciate our collaboration with Insightquest with whom we have been able to develop tailor-made training content for our organization and whose dedicated teams are both efficient and adaptable to the challengers and to the culture of each individual.»

Catherine MOTQUIN

Shopper Insight Director Luxury. COTY.

« Positive and joyful energy in abundance at the end of this captivating day of training: a day packed full of rich content, delivered with passion, humour and precision and providing food for thought, discussions, questions and answers for our team members, who were all keen to immediately put what they had learned into practice»
International Marketing Research and Consumer & Shopper  Insight Director.

« I began working with Marc Papanicola (Insightquest) back in 2012, with the aim of developing the expertise of our marketing and project management teams, on both an operational and a management level. Today, close on 2 800 people have benefitted from this training.
Each new training program has been the fruit of a collaborative process, with Marc always endeavouring to get a clear grasp of our teams' organizational and cultural contexts.
Marc's approach has met with the approval of those who have followed this training, with many of them drawing attention to his dynamism, his great expertise and all fully aware of his tangible implication in the work that they do.»

Customer Centricity program manager. Orange.

 « Insightquest training sessions are highly effective with regard to identifying customer needs in the field of direct marketing.
At the end of a training session, the techniques presented for searching for or writing an insight are immediately applicable and easy to recall. Furthermore, they provide a platform for enriching client briefs and taking a step towards greater creativity.
The training format is well-suited to learners' needs; in a one-day session they have time to get to grips with the theory and to apply it to concrete cases.
We organized a training session within our company, bringing together people from different professional fields. The training was totally tailored to our objectives and to our organization and ensured that we were all talking the same language by the end of the session, thus facilitating our exchanges, especially with regard to briefs, making everything more professional.
The delivery of the training is very dynamic and always tailored to the target public. I would also say that it is a highly convivial experience. On a personal level, it gave me real creative inspiration, encouraging me to look for new insights and thus to direct my product communication towards more offbeat themes that reach out to customers in a different way. I highly recommend it. »
Communication project manager. Société Générale.

« This training session was extremely useful in launching a reflection process on the messages that we want to communicate, in structuring and prioritizing insights and in developing a common jargon for use in-house and in our dealings with agencies. The proportion of time allocated to theoretical content, examples and practical exercises is ideal for ensuring optimum integration of all the different notions. Besides being a really nice guy, Marc is an attentive and proactive listener, who quickly understands what is at stake for us and adapts his delivery to our specific issues.»
Marketing Intelligence Manager. Carglass.

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