From designing offers to communicating them to different audiences, various departments at the company take part in this process: R&D, market research, marketing, communication, etc. Our training program enables you to better leverage areas of opportunity thanks to better mastery of consumer and customer insights.

Our training courses adapt to your learner targets. We cover the entire value chain cycle:

  • Identifying customer and consumer needs,
  • Writing insights,
  • Developing a value proposal and writing concepts,
  • Using emotions,
  • Segmenting the value proposal,
  • Articulating the message when communicating,
  • Conducting concept reviews.

Each session includes fundamentals, examples and case studies. The overall proportion of these different components depends on your needs and on the audience you involve in the program.

We design the training program based on your needs with formats ranging from one to four days. The program can contain a session in a training room, consumer connects, and concept writing workshops. We also offer blended formats that alternate e-learning and on-site sessions. The courses are offered in French and English. This format is also available in a visio-conference format.

The courses are offered on your own premises or at a dedicated location of your choice, and we advise you on the necessary technical features. We offer our courses internationally (to date 12 countries have been covered).

Each session is evaluated by learners.


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