Insight academy : Mastering Consumer Insight and Value Propositions

Insightacademy ...

Insightacademy© is a training program to master consumer and customer insights and value proposition design. This program is designed for marketing, communication, R&D and market research professionals. Insightacademy© is a service provided by Insightquest.

Onsite and distance learning

Video and elearning training
We offer a set of training solutions to help you teams master insights and value propositions during onsite as well as distance learning sessions.

 onsite training sessions (within your company our in an inspiring location)
 virtual classrooms in real time
 digital modules with learning content and exercises 
 one-to-one follow up

Our trainingstorming© is a combination of training and brainstorming. This type of program is fruitful when one wants to seize the opportunity of operational projects (new product launches, etc….) to train the teams and also benefit from our consultancy support.  A two-in-one to formula to work efficiently and learn at the same time.

 onsite sessions (within your company our in an inspiring location)
 virtual sessions  (using our colaborative tools)

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